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How to Change the IP Voice Security Code

This article applies to: IP Voice Service

You will be given a security code when your VoIP phone is set up. We recommend that you change the security code. Your security code must be 4 to 8 digits long. You may use only numbers and you cannot use the # (pound) or * (asterisk) character as part of your security code.

NOTE: if you have the Extension to Cellular (EC500) service, your EC500 service and VoIP phone share the same security code. When you change either your EC500 or VoIP phone security code, your security code will be changed for both services.

To Change the VoIP Phone Security Code

  1. If you are:
    • Dialing from a campus phone, go to step 2.
    • Dialing from an off-campus phone, dial 253-2500 (or 1-607-253-2500 if long distance). Wait for the dial tone to return.
  2. Dial 163. Wait for the dial tone to return.
  3. Dial your Cornell five-digit extension followed by the # key. You will not hear a tone at this point.
  4. Dial your current security code followed by the # key. Wait for the dial tone to return.
  5. Dial your new security code followed by the # key then immediately dial your new security code again followed by the # key. Wait for the confirmation tone - 3 stutter tones. Your security code has been changed.

Your new VoIP phone security code remains in effect until you change it. If you forget your security code, contact your department's Telecommunications Coordinator who will submit a Request for Service form to the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, Data to reset the VoIP security code.

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