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Initial Hoteling Space Setup for Your Unit

How to request that your unit (or department) hoteling spaces be added to the application.

This article applies to: Hoteling Space Reservation System

To add your unit or department to the Hoteling Space listings, you'll submit a simple spreadsheet of the resources you have available as hoteling spaces. Please contact your IT Service Group Director before requesting setup.

CIT needs the following information:

  • Business Name: the name that will appear at the top of the page for your site, for example CIT or AA&D.
  • Site Administrators: the NetIDs for everyone you want to have access to the administrative/configuration controls for your spaces.
  • Then for each space (every office, cubicle, open area, workstation, etc.)
    • A Name for the space. CIT recommends that the name include the building name, room number, and anything else needed to identify the space. For example, 120 Maple Room 160, cubicle C.
    • The Service for the space. The service is the kind of space, for example, an office, a cubicle, a desk in an open area, or a workstation. You can use whatever terms you like for your categories. Your users will be able to filter on Service type.
  • The Instructions tab details how to submit your information.
  • The Bookings Site Info tab is where you record the Business Name and Site Administrators.
  • The Hoteling Spaces tab is where you'll list each Named space and its Service (category).

You'll receive notification from Microsoft Bookings when your spaces have been loaded into the system. 

After your space is created, your site admins can set reservation lengths, customize email reminders, set opening and closing hours, and set the time zone for your listings. 

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