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Explain to Guests How to Request a GuestID

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There are two ways to create a GuestID.

Guests need two pieces of information when they request their own GuestID:

  • The URL of the request form
  • The name of the CornellAD group in which they need membership

The administrator will also need to give the guest the name of the Active Directory group, so that they can enter it on the request form.

Alternative: Provide a Custom URL for GuestID Applications

The admin may choose to provide a custom URL for GuestID applications. When guests use the form at the custom URL, the Group Name field is already filled in.

Here's the format for a custom URL:

  • Replace NameOfGroup with the actual group name. 
  • There are no spaces anywhere in the URL and it is all one address.

A seven-day countdown starts when a guest sends the request for a GuestID. The guest must confirm their request (by following the instructions in the email message they receive) and a reviewer must approve the request within that seven days, or the GuestID will be deleted.


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