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Change Displayed Columns (CornellAD Group Management)

Add, remove, or re-order columns on the Members page (and others).

This article applies to: Group Management

When viewing a list of objects (such as the Members of a Group), you can change which columns of information are displayed.

To the left of the first column heading, click the two down-facing arrows, then select Choose Columns. A Choose Columns dialog box will open.

  • To add a column, use the Object type dropdown list to select a type, then select a field listed in the Hidden columns box.
    (You can only select one at a time.)
    Click Add to add your selected field to the list of Displayed columns.
  • To remove a column, highlight that field under Displayed columns, then click Remove.
  • To reorder the columns, highlight a field under Displayed columns, then click Up or Down until it moves to the desired place.

Remember to click OK when finished.

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