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Endpoint Management Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

This article applies to: Certified Desktop , Endpoint Management Tools

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Why is it important for me to update my software every week?

Keeping the operating system and other software on your computer up-to-date not only gives you the latest and greatest program features, but just as crucially keeps your system current with new and improved security features, which developers are adding all the time to counter new online threats.

Will system updates make my computer restart when I am in the middle of working and cause me to lose data?

Sometimes restarting your system after a program update or installation is needed, particularly for major updates. While an inconvenience, the tools your IT staff use to distribute software to your computer should never reboot the computer without warning. A window should appear giving you the option to delay the completion of the installation (and the reboot) for several hours.

That said, be sure to follow best practices and save your work frequently, whether there’s a system update pending or not. Making frequent saves a habit will substantially reduce the risk of lost work.

What if I want to install a program that doesn't appear in the available software list in Software Center or Self Service?

If you find software that will help you do your job better, you should contact your local IT staff about arranging to have it licensed and installed.


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