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Troubleshooting: When logging in, I received a message that I need to change my password to avoid being locked out

When logging in to a Cornell IT service, I received a message to change my password to avoid being blocked. Why did I receive this message?

This article applies to: CUWebLogin , NetIDs

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When logging in, I received a message to change my Cornell password to avoid being blocked. Why did I receive this message?

CUWebLogin site warning message reading "Warning: Action Blocked - Our records indicate your Cornell NetID password encryption needs to be strengthened. To trigger this change, update your password at the Manage Your NetID website. There, click Change Your Password, then follow the system prompts. Your access to most Cornell University online services will be blocked if you do not update your password."


In 2024, Cornell will begin enforcing a stronger level of password encryption on NetID passwords. This is necessary to protect you and other Cornell users from the increasing threat posed to Cornell user accounts by cyberattacks.

Simply changing your password will trigger this change.

Starting May 28, 2024, Cornell will begin blocking accounts that do not have strong encryption. In this case, you will need to go to the Manage Your NetID site and select Forgot My Password, then follow the instructions to restore your account access.

What You Need to Do

To trigger the update to better encryption, you simply need to change your NetID password. Please do this at your earliest convenience.

  1. Go to the Manage Your NetID website (you can aslo get there by clicking Change the Password Now on the login warning page).
  2. Login and authenticate as required.
  3. Click Change Your Password. Follow the instructions provided to change your password.
Your new password needs to be unique, distinct from past passwords, and meet certain specifications. For guidelines on creating passwords, visit Strong Passwords for Your Computer, NetID, and Other Cornell Services.

If you have issues changing your password or signing into Cornell services after changing your password, contact the IT Service Desk.


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