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This article applies to: CU Electronic Student Records

CUESR users will have one of four roles.

Advisor: faculty viewer. Will be able to see the Student Records documents for his/her advisees. Advisors will access documents via a link in PeopleSoft Advisor center, taking them to an advisor “view” through WebNow.

Ingestor: ability to create new documents. Cannot search or view new documents. Can look up EmplIDs.

Viewer: faculty are not included. Viewers will access documents through the ImageNow client, which will be installed on their computer, or through WebNow. They can search for any documents within their sphere of authorization. Viewer can search within authorized drawers, print, send, save (understand the scope of confidentiality).

Power: everything an Ingestor and Viewer can do. Add/delete documents. Change document type if brought in wrong.

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