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Box Relay Provides Workflow Functionality

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Box Relay workflow automation can help you automate and streamline content-based workflows in folders you own, co-own, or edit.

Relay's straightforward interface allows you to build a workflow to facilitate content collaboration and automate business processes. You can create a new workflow from scratch or choose from a large number of pre-built workflow templates.  

Real-time workflow monitoring and tracking allows you to keep on top of the process, for example, to see who's approved a document and who still needs to review it. Individuals you’ve assigned tasks to can be notified to review, edit, and comment on their assignments.  

Box Relay can save you time and effort for processes that have:

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple steps
  • Associated metadata
  • Complex routing requirements
  • Status tracking and reporting 

These may include:

  • Contract or budget approvals
  • Content collaboration and review
  • Employee onboarding
  • Other multi-step document- or content-based processes 

Box Relay supports collaboration outside Cornell, allowing contractors, vendors, and peers who are not formally affiliated with the university to participate in workflows.

For more information, see Box Support's Building Basic Workflows, Building Enhanced Workflows, and Managing and Tracking Workflows. Box has also posted a Box 101 video on YouTube.


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