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Box Account Types: Cornell Enterprise or Personal

This article applies to: Box

Cornell Enterprise Account

Cornell University Enterprise Box accounts are available to current faculty, staff, and students. Cornell Enterprise Accounts provide more storage space and features than a personal accounts, but they should only be used for university related content.

When someone graduates or leaves Cornell, we will provide instructions for establishing a personal account at

Personal Account

Box has offered free personal accounts to the public since 2005. Anyone can have a free personal Box account associated with a non-Cornell email address, and created with a username and password of your choosing. An account of this type would not be related to any account you create.

Important: If you create a free personal Box account, be sure to associate it with an email address other than your Cornell email account.

Check the Box site for details on storage space for public accounts. You can share files from your personal account to your university account. Make sure to abide by Cornell University Policy when working with university documents. Some features are not available for personal accounts.

Find out more about personal Box accounts.

Feature Comparison

Free Personal Account Enterprise Account
Identical Features
File-sharing links
Mobile app
Secure transfer
Access notifications
File-sharing links
Mobile app
Secure transfer
Access notifications
Different File Size Limits
File size limit: 25MB File size limit: 50GB
Only with Enterprise Account
Password-protected sharing
Faster uploads
Full text search
Download statistics and tracking
Role-based access
Version history (up to 100 previous versions)
Google Apps integration
Dedicated support
Secure storage
Group-based access
Single sign on
Mobile device management

Supported Official Box Apps

Box has Official Apps that they are contractually obligated to support and all are available under Cornell’s Box Customer Agreement (see available Official Box developed apps).

Third-Party Apps

There are well over 100 apps that have been developed by other companies, which are neither contractually covered nor supported by Box. Although Cornell is not planning on blocking any specific third party apps, Cornell Enterprise Box account users must be aware that information stored within Box and accessed by a third party app is likely to be pulled out of the secure Box environment when the app is in use. See permitted uses for Cornell Box to review the types of institutional information we are concerned about protecting. Anyone using a Cornell Enterprise Box account should be aware they are subject to Cornell University Policy 4.1.2 and 5.10.

Cornell's implementation of Box is part of the Internet2 NET+ Services program.

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