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What to Say Before You Begin a Bomgar Session

As a technical support provider (TSP) it's important to realize that screen sharing and remote access is a new and possibly unnerving thing to a lot of people. Your job is to make the end user comfortable with the use of this tool and to prevent surprises and misunderstandings.

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The first question you should ask is "Have you ever used a remote access tool before? Would you like me to explain a little about what we'll be doing?"

Then explain the relevant points in as much detail as is helpful for this particular user. Say things like this:

During a support session, I (the TSP) will be able to see everything that you see on your monitors. Before you accept the invitation to share, we strongly recommend that you close any documents or applications that contain or display confidential information. We also recommend that you close all documents and applications that display personal information, or that are not related to the issue at hand.

You'll be able to see exactly what I'm doing, and every time I need to do a new kind of thing, you'll be prompted to allow me that level of access. If you have any questions about what allowing it means, stop and ask questions.

There are two ways for us to start. I can send you an email invitation with a link for you to click, or I can ask you to go to a web page and type in a number I'll give you. They both work (unless your email isn't working), but some people don't like clicking links in email messages, so it's your choice. 

Start a Session via Email Message with a Link

Start a Session via a Session Key the User Enters on a Web Page

It is also possible to start a session with a user who has the Jump Client installed (with the user available at their computer), but we recommend you use one of the other methods if the end user is available. Make every effort to reassure the user that they maintain control over their computer and data.

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