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Start Your Acquia Drupal Project

Cornell has contracted with Acquia, a cloud-based hosting company, to offer Drupal hosting. The contract includes preferred pricing for basic services as well as selected add-on's.

This article applies to: Drupal Cloud Hosting with Acquia

The Relationship between Cornell, Acquia, and You

Your Responsibilities

  • Managing the relationship with Acquia.
  • Payment for the service.
  • Completing technical tasks not covered by Acquia support. (These vary based on the support contract you purchase.) Carefully review your needs and the contract to be sure this is the right solution for your hosting project.
  • Acquia hosted sites must not be used for confidential data as defined by Policy 5.10.

Acquia's Responsibilities

  • Providing you with answers to your questions prior to signing the contract.
  • Upholding the terms of the contract.
  • Maintaining communication with you during the length of the contract.

Cornell's Responsibilities

  • Cornell negotiated preferred pricing and specific support levels with Acquia. These terms apply to all contracts between Cornell clients and Acquia. Beyond the contract negotiation, Cornell IT does not have responsibility for your site or content.
  • Cornell will review the terms of the relationship and renew the agreement on a three-year term.
  • The Hosting Services team is available to assist you if you encounter issues with the terms or execution of your contract. Hosting services will act as a liaison to Acquia. If you need assistance, email hosting

Project Steps

  • Some departments and units on campus are contracting with Acquia and then providing Drupal hosting through that contract for their areas. Consult with your department or unit's IT department before contacting Acquia directly. If you are working on your own, email or call Cornell's Acquia sales representative Chelsea Wood at (617) 588-9681.
  • Complete planning conversation with Acquia. Following are items you'll want to know for this conversation.
    • Are you planning to use CU WebAuth? A small fee applies for each SSL certificate.
    • Do you have the technical skills necessary to develop and maintain your site? If not, will you hire Custom Development (IWS) or another service? 
    • What is the proposed name and URL for your site? (Can be placeholders that you can change later.)
    • The Drupal version you require for each code base you're contracting. The code base is the main Drupal application code installed on your cloud server.
    • Average monthly page views for existing sites.
  • Review all information provided by Acquia. You should receive a copy of the order form.
  • Provide information, files, and configuration details to Acquia. These vary depending on whether you are migrating an existing site or creating a new site. At a minimum, expect to provide:
    • DNS configuration and management.
    • Email services. (SMTP, IMAP, POP, etc. Acquia provides mailer for low volume Drupal-generated messages only).
    • Business contacts.
    • Technical contacts.
  • Plan for 3-4 business days from the time you sign the contract to the time your server is up and running.

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