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Zoom Rooms: Board Cam

Zoom Rooms have been outfitted with a document camera aimed to deliver a view of the physical blackboards or whiteboards in the teaching space. In the Zoom Rooms application, this camera is called the "Board Camera."

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An IPEVO document cam will already be set up in Zoom Room-enabled teaching spaces to show the physical blackboard or whiteboard. If the camera is not correctly set up to meet your course needs, contact Classroom Technology support for the classroom and building.

Share the Board Camera View

To share the Board Camera's view of the physical blackboard or whiteboard to your course meeting, use the stylus on the Zoom Room touch interface to:

  1. Tap Share Screen.
  2. Tap Camera, then tap Board Camera from the list of cameras.
  3. The Zoom Room touch panel will share (and show) the view from the dedicated Board Camera.
If the image of the blackboard or whiteboard is upside-down, use the Rotate button on the IPEVO document camera to rotate the view 180 degrees.


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