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Require Authentication to Join Zoom Meetings

This article applies to: Zoom

If you choose this option, anyone who is not signed into their Zoom client app with their Cornell NetID and password won’t even be allowed into a waiting room. Individuals who aren’t signed in properly won’t be able to get to your meeting until they do sign in using their Cornell identity, so before selecting this option, make sure all your invitees are ready!

Requiring your attendees to authenticate with their Cornell NetID and password makes your Zoom meeting more secure, saves you from having to admit them from the meeting room, and provides their Cornell name in your Participants list.

To require attendees to sign in, when scheduling the meeting, under Meeting Options, select Only Authenticated Users Can Join.

To require Zoom meeting attendees to authenticate, select only authenticated users when scheduling a meeting

Once you do, the section will change to indicate Cornell Users.

After selecting authentication for users, Cornell users will be presented.

When scheduling using the Zoom Outlook plug-in, the process is similar.

The Zoom outlook plug-in operates similarly to web scheduling for authenticating users.

What happens when attendees don't authenticate?

If Authentication is required for the meeting and attendees don't sign in, they will not be able to get into the session until they sign in. They will need an account to sign in.

If Authentication is not required for the meeting and attendees don't sign in, they will go the waiting room until admitted, then show as guests. In the Participants window, you'll see whatever name they choose. 

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