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Add Zoom Session to Meetings Scheduled in Outlook

This article applies to: Zoom

You can add Zoom Session information to your meetings scheduled in Outlook. The steps listed below assume you have already scheduled the Outlook meeting and are going back to add the Zoom info, but you can use the same procedures to add Zoom info as you create the Outlook meeting.

There are two methods: Using the Zoom Plugin and Manual Cut and Paste.

Using the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (Windows or Mac)

If you have the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook installed, use this method to add a Zoom session to an existing Outlook calendar meeting. You cannot add a Zoom session to individual calendar entries in the past.

With Mac, it works better if Zoom is already running on your computer before following these steps.

  1. Open your existing meeting in Microsoft Outlook.
    If it is a recurring meeting, be sure to open a session that has not yet occurred.
    If it is a recurring meeting and you want the Zoom information associated with all sessions (not just the single session you are opening), be sure to select The entire series when prompted.
  2. Windows: In Outlook's Appointment toolbar, click Schedule a Meeting (Zoom).
    Mac: Click Add Zoom Meeting (near the start and end time fields).
  3. You may be prompted to sign in to Zoom. Please do so.
    Click Sign In, then Sign In with SSO, enter cornell for the company domain, then sign in using your Cornell credentials. If a Zoom - Pro Account window opens, close it or move it out of the way.
  4. In the Zoom -Schedule a Meeting window that opens, select your preferred Zoom options, then click Continue. The Zoom session information will automatically appear in the Outlook calendar entry.
  5. In the Outlook calendar entry, click Send Update to send the revised meeting information to your attendees.

Manual Cut and Paste

If you do not have the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook installed, or are using a different calendar or meeting system, you can still create a Zoom session and manually add that information to an existing meeting invite.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Meetings in the left column, then, on the Upcoming Meetings tab, click Schedule a New Meeting.
  3. Configure your Zoom session as normal
    If your Outlook meeting is recurring, be sure to check Recurring meeting in Zoom; this will keep your Meeting ID from expiring.
  4. Click Save on the Schedule a Meeting screen when you are done setting up the Zoom meeting particulars.
  5. Find the Invite Attendees line, then click Copy the invitation.
  6. In the pop-up window, click Copy Meeting Invitation.
    You can close Zoom in your browser now.
  7. Open your calendar entry in Outlook and paste the Zoom session information into it.

Be sure to click Send Update so that all attendees for your meeting will receive the Zoom session information.

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