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Request License for Teams Dial-In

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

Dialing into a Cornell Teams meeting using conventional telephone calling isn't available by default. The person scheduling the meeting needs to request a Teams audio license.

If there is a business need for attendees to be able to dial into to your Teams meetings and you've verified the Teams smartphone app, computer app, or web app will not meet their needs, contact the IT Service Desk and ask them to give the request to CIT Collaborative Services, who will get in touch with you to discuss use and pricing.

Once the person setting up or leading the meetings has the license, as many attendees who want to dial in to their meetings will be able to. No special licensing is needed for the attendees in order for them to dial into meetings run by people who have the audio license.

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Monday, May 10, 2021 - 3:00pm

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