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Chat, Calls, and Meetings

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

Chat is one of the central components of Microsoft Teams. More lightweight than email and well suited for a quick interaction, it can also easily lead into an audio or video call, or sharing your desktop when needed.

You can get to Teams chat by clicking the Chat icon in Teams' left-hand navigation. 

The list of chats you've had is in the next pane over. You can resume talking to someone in the list by clicking that chat, or you can begin one with someone new by clicking New Chat at the top of the pane, or searching for someone in the Search box at the top of the app.

For detailed information about chat in Teams, see Microsoft's documentation.  

If you would like to switch from chatting to talking, clicking Video call or Audio call will start the process of launching a web meeting.

You can also:

Teams meetings are a good backup for Zoom meetings, or vice versa, if your preferred web conferencing service is unavailable or experiencing performance issues. 


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