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Set Technician Signature

This article applies to: TeamDynamix

1. Navigate to TDNext, then select your name in the top right of the window.

2. Select My Profile. The Person Detail window will open.

TDNext homepage with profile selected from personal menu.

3. Select the Settings tab from the menu at the top of the window, then select Edit.

Person Detail window in TDNext with Settings tab and Edit button highlighted.

4. Scroll to the Technician Signature section and enter your signature text. You can adjust your text with the built in formatting options. 

TDNext Technician Signature field.

The Technician Signature can be used to auto populate new ticket updates, ticket tasks, comments, and replies. This signature can also be used for response templates created in TDAdmin.

5. Check or uncheck the options below the Technician Signature field to set whether you want your signature to:

  • Apply to all updates and new comments for Tickets and Ticket Tasks
  • Apply to all replies for Tickets and Ticket Tasks
Highlighted Technician Signature options below Technician Signature field.

6. Select Save at the top of the window.

Save button highlighted on Person Detail window.


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