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Cornell Secure File Transfer

What is Cornell Secure File Transfer?

Cornell Secure File Transfer is a secure method for transferring files. Files are encrypted during transport over SSL (https://) using strong encryption only.

How long has Cornell had this service?

Since Spring 2006. (Before August 2019, the...Read more

In order to ensure strong security on passwords for external users, a Cornell Secure File Transfer password must:

be at least 7 characters long include at least 3 of the following 4 kinds of characters: lower case, upper case, numbers, special characters/symbols not be the email address,...Read more

Using Cornell Secure File Transfer, you can securely send and receive files that contain confidential and restricted information. It is especially important that those who handle such files understand data security best practices.

General Security Considerations

The following are...Read more

To share files with people who do not have Cornell NetIDs, you will need to add their email addresses to your Cornell Secure File Transfer whitelist. Each Secure File Transfer user maintains his or her own separate list of external users in a whitelist.

About whitelist entries You may add...Read more

If you have a Cornell NetID , you can use Cornell Secure File Transfer to send and receive files from people who have Cornell NetIDs . You can also exchange files with people who do not have a NetID if you add their email address to your Whitelist .

If you are an external Secure File...Read more
About Cornell Secure File Transfer

Cornell Secure File Transfer is a secure method for transferring files smaller than 5 GB and allows anyone with a Cornell NetID to send and receive files. Cornell community members can add an external user to a whitelist in Cornell Secure File Transfer so that...Read more