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Maple Licensing

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Maple is an analytical computation software package and computer algebra system for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It is manufactured by MapleSoft.

Purchase a License

Our Maple license runs from 24 June through 23 June of the following calendar year.  All Maple licenses expire on the same date, regardless of date of initial purchase.  We are not able to offer prorated pricing.

To purchase a license, please use the CU Software Online Store.


Maple is available to Cornell University faculty and staff. There is a license fee for this software. To purchase a license, please use the CU Software Online Store.


Please select the appropriate OS-version for download. Maple is being distributed with the FlexLM and Application bundled together. You will not have to download each separately. Please remember that you will need the license information (emailed to you with your order confirmation) to complete the installation.

Maple does not require a license file prior to installation. In order to obtain your network license, you must complete the activation process after installing Maple. For instructions on how to activate Maple, refer to the Install.html file found within the downloaded Maple installation files.

For additional product information, please visit the Maplesoft website.

Current Release

Previous Releases

Older Versions

If you have a specific need for a version of Maple older than those linked above, please contact us.


If you experience problems setting up your Maple network license please refer to the Maplesoft's frequently asked questions page first. If this does not solve the problem, contact the CU Software Licensing Service for assistance.

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