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View Your Site's Internal and External Documents in Siteimprove

How to review the internal and external documents (PDF, Word, etc.) on your website using Siteimprove.  How to add external documents to your Siteimprove crawl.

This article applies to: Siteimprove

Review Internal and External Documents in SiteImprove

  1. Start Siteimprove.
  2. Select Quality Assurance.
  3. Select Inventory.
  4. Select Documents.
  5. Locate the type of documents you want to review, such as PDF, Word, etc.
  6. For internal documents hosted on your website, select the number under Internal.
  7. For linked documents hosted on other websites, select the number under External.

Add External Documents to Your SiteImprove Crawl

By default, Siteimprove does not scan external documents hosted on websites or domains outside the site you have selected. To add external documents to your Siteimprove crawl, contact Siteimprove technical support. Their support team will work with you to add the domain to your crawl. This process will require some fine tuning to select only the documents you want to scan and exclude those you don't.

Call Support:  (855) SITEIMP or (855) 748-3467 

Email Support:

Online Support: Submit a ticket

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