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Guiding Principles

The IT@Cornell site has been designed to make well-written, high-quality, frequently accessed information about IT services easier to find, update, segment, report on, and maintain.

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Functionality benefits include:

  • Workflow tools to support content drafting, review, staging, flagging, and maintenance cycles
  • Database structure to enable a single piece of content to be used in multiple places
  • Reporting tools to track usage, search successes and failures, and maintenance activities
  • Robust feedback / workflow loop between the IT Communication and Documentation team and the teams responsible for IT services
  • Access to content can be restricted using CornellAD
  • Tailored content to users (if authenticated) – for example, content for IT support staff vs. general community
  • Flexibility to house and secure internal processes and procedures

Cost-saving benefits include:

  • Reducing support costs by increasing the percent of the campus community who successfully resolve IT issues on their own
  • Increasing efficiency of IT support resources by improving their ability to find content relevant to the issues they’re troubleshooting and by simplifying the process for flagging content that is outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate
  • Reducing overall documentation effort costs by eliminating some sources of duplicated effort and by providing more-efficient workflow tools to the communication and documentation team

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