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Valid Name for a Share

This article applies to: Shared File Services

Shorter names are desirable for simplicity.

  • CIFS shares may contain alpha, numeric, and the "-" (dash) character.
  • NFS shares may contain lower-case alpha, numeric, and the "-" (dash) character.

The " " (space) character is not allowed in the name for shares.

For the CIFS protocol, Shared File Services utilizes the logical namespace component of Microsoft’s Distributed File System (DFS). Data is presented in a directory structure similar to the Organizational Unit design within the Cornell Active Directory structure.

  • Access \\ to see the CIFS DFS root structure for SFS. Shares are created below the DFS roots.
  • Note: You will only be able to access “shares” owned by your organization, or whose permissions are set allowing access.
  • The path to your share will appear as: \\\OU\sharename

For the NFS protocol, the hosting "server:path" is represented as a Cornell DNS C-Name to your share.

Example: An NFS share named "cit-infrastructure" would have a DNS C-Name of "cit-infrastructure" and would be mounted on a Unix system as follows:

sudo mount   /mountpoint

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