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Monthly Billing for Shared File Services

Information about file share capacity and monthly billing rates.

This article applies to: Shared File Services

Capacity Non-Replicated Replicated
150 GB $6 $12
500 GB $20 $40
1000 GB $40 $80
Multiples of 500 GB Add $20 per 500 GB Add $40 per 500 GB
  • An offsite Disaster Recovery copy of data stored on SFS is included in these rates.
  • A $100.00 “configuration fee” (fee currently waived) may be assessed on configuration, or alteration, of your share(s).
  • If a snapshot option is selected, share capacity is utilized for snapshots (reducing usable storage, typically by ~20%).
  • Snapshots are the only way an end user can restore a file from a “backup."
  • If replication is selected your data will be asynchronously replicated on a 4-hour schedule to 2 different buildings on the Ithaca campus. Replication requires snapshots, which means usable storage is reduced, typically by ~20%.
For storing confidential data, including HIPAA data, in addition to the fees above a second share is necessary for the CIFS Audit Log (required by Cornell Policy 5.10).  This second share is:
  • Grown automatically in 150-GB units as required.
  • Billed at $15.00 per 150 GB 2.5x the listed rates.
  • Billed to the same Kuali account as your data share.

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