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Technical Requirements

Technical requirements, including confidential data considerations and accessibility. 

This article applies to: Shared File Services

  • CIFS
    • Cornell NetID and password are required to access CIFS. For more information about NetIDs, see the NetID Management page.
  • NFS
    • Managed UID/GID space is required for NFS (v3).
      • NFS (v3) “exports” are configured to comply with your managed systems.
      • Can be accessed from Unix servers or desktops.
      • Allowed to store confidential data. (See Security section below.)
  • Accessibility
    • Available only to Ithaca Campus networks or from off-campus locations via VPN. See networks listed under:
      • Cornell Campus Private Networks
      • Cornell Campus Public Networks (Ex. Computer labs)
  • Security
    • Shared file services may be used to store confidential data as defined by Policy 5.10 Information Security with certain limitations:
      • CIFS shares from SFS may be configured to store confidential data. 
        Note: Confidential data is only allowed on specially configured shares.
      • NFSv3 shares/exports that are “Campus-facing” are not allowed to store confidential data because there is no encryption on the session-authentication or the data flow.
        Note: NFSv3 shares/exports that are only accessible by servers in the Extra Tier of the CIT managed Server Service may receive Cornell IT Security Office approval for storage of confidential data.
      • PCI and HIPAA data storage is not allowed on Shared File Services.

What to use a share for? See Appropriate Uses for Shares.

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