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PeopleSoft Environment Information

This article applies to: PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Environments from Dev D92 to Alpha A92 to Beta B92 to Production P92

Regions Defined

Env Description    Refresh Date    Production Copy as of
Development (D92) Often the starting point for the development process, typically refreshed on demand. 12/26/2019
Alpha (A92) Often used in the development process for unit testing purposes, typically refreshed on demand. 12/23/2019 12/20/2019
Beta (B92) Refreshed bi-weekly (each Friday after a migration). Used for quality assurance and user-acceptance testing. 2/8/2020 2/7/2020
Production (P92) Production system.

Other Regions

Env Description Refresh Date Production Copy as of
X92 Used for scenario-specific testing (limited access). 11/3/2019


Training (T92) Used for PeopleSoft training and load testing. 8/17/2019

copy of Upgrade (U92) as of 8/15/2019

Upgrade (U92)      Used by the Upgrade Team for application and tools updates.    8/17/2019 8/15/2019
Demo (M92) Used by the Upgrade Team for application and tools updates. Also used to verify delivered functionality and support vendor bug/fix requests. N/A


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