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Link Personal and Enterprise LastPass Accounts

This article applies to: Secure Password Management

Many people already have free, personal LastPass accounts associated with an external email address.

During the process of activating your Cornell Enterprise LastPass account, you will be given the opportunity to "link" your personal account to the Cornell account. (You can also link the accounts later, through Account Settings.)

Some people find linking their personal account beneficial.

  • The login information about all the sites you have saved in your personal account will be available to you when you log into your Cornell LastPass account.
  • LastPass allows you to save login information in a series of LastPass vaults (these appear as a set of nested folders), allowing for better organization if you have many sites saved. If you link your two accounts, it automatically puts all your existing personal sites in a single personal folder (with subfolders available), further organizing the information.

Linking a personal account is completely optional, and we (IT@Cornell) do not have a specific recommendation.

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