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Scheduling Reports

This article applies to: CIT Online Bills

Note: If you would like to run separate reports for each account or department, see the Scheduling Multiple Reports page.

How to Schedule Reports

  1. Access to billing information is available at CIT Services Bills & Reports.

  2. Select the Reports tab in the upper right-hand corner.
    Pinnacle reports tab
  3. Select the All Reports tab if it is not already highlighted, then click Search.
    Pinnacle search for reports
  4. Click the title of the report you wish to schedule.
  5. Under the All Reports tab, select Parameters from the submenu bar.
  6. Click the Edit button.
    Pinnacle select report parameters
  7. Enter your parameter information, including either the 7-digit account number or 3-digit department number. If you always want the most current information, leave Billing Date set to Current Bill.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Under the All Reports tab, select Schedules from the submenu bar.
    Pinnacle report scheduling
  10. Select Create.
  11. Fill out the Schedule Profile parameters, including:
    • Scheduled Start: Select the Calendar icon to set the date for the report then adjust the start time if necessary. Time is entered in military format, such as 13:00 for 1:00pm.
    • Notify by Email and Attach Output to Email: Select both options to email the report as an attachment. Enter email addresses in full for all recipients.
      Pinnacle report schedule parameters
  12.  Click Save.

View Previously Generated Reports, Including Scheduled Reports

  1. Select the Outputs tab.
  2. Select Search
    Pinnacle report outputs
  3. You will also see your IT Faculty/Staff Communications Charges for month and year in this list. Most recent reports will appear at the top.

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