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CIT Online Bills: Frequently Asked Questions

This article applies to: CIT Online Bills

General Questions

Are NUBB charges included?

Not at this time. CIT plans to add products and services under this unified billing umbrella. Students can view their NUBB charges at the Fees and Billing page.

What services are included?

See our List of Services page.

Can I get information in real-time, for example, a call that was placed yesterday?

No. Billing and reporting occur in monthly intervals. Bills are produced once per month, and all reports are static.

For call records, you can only view billable calls on your individual report.

I don't have a Reporting tab, so I can't view reports other than my own bill. Why?

See our Getting Access page.

What browsers can I use?

Please see our Browsers page for full information. The preferred browsers are IE 9 and Firefox (Safari works).

Why do I get an email every month telling me that my bill is ready?

We send this notification to everyone who subscribes to services covered in the online bill. You can unsubscribe from notifications by visiting our Opt Out page. 

Departmental Reports

Do we still need to collect signatures from people to verify that long distance calls were business related?

Policy 3.19, Telephone Usage, charges units to "Implement review procedures to identify patterns of abuse in which the university is paying for an individual’s personal use of a university telephone." It does not specify what those procedures should be. The implementation of online bills does not change in any way a unit's responsibility to comply with this policy.

What is a "Department Subscriber"?

Some services are associated directly with an individual. For example, you'll see a charge for Ezra W. Erwin's telephone set, Audix mailbox, and so on. Other services are not associated with an individual NetID, and will appear grouped together under the heading of Department Subscriber. Common examples are hall phones and data jacks in conference rooms.

Why can't I get a report for more than one month's data combined?

To get this result, run the Export Format: IT Subscriber/Service Summary & Totals Report once for each month that you wish to combine. Once you've downloaded the reports, you can combine several spreadsheets into one. 

Viewing Management Tool

How can I change or manage access to reports?

In addition to the individual CIT Services Report (which everyone gets to see for their own services), there are a number of other reports to help departments manage voice and data services.

Individuals who have access to KFS are able to run departmental reports in All Reports. The CIT billing office manages access for other individuals. For assistance, or if you have questions, please contact Online Bills Support.

Why do I see multiple roles? Why do I not see multiple roles?

If you have the IT Coordinator role you can run Departmental reports in addition to viewing your Individual Bill report. The IT Customer role only allows you to view your Individual Bill via the Output tab.

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