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Young woman with raised hand during online video meeting

Automated gesture recognition features have gained popularity. They allow people to create emojis and animations during online video sessions through physical gestures seen onscreen, and include both Zoom’s gesture recognition feature and a separate feature offered on Apple devices that can trigger animated emoji effects in response to specific gestures. 

When turned on, Apple's video effects feature, available on devices running macOS Sonoma 14 or iOS 17 or higher, can add vivid animations and emojis to any app that uses the Apple device's webcam, including Facetime, Zoom, and others.

Users have found that regular body language can sometimes be picked up and trigger inappropriate animated emojis during serious Zoom or other video app meetings. This can be avoided through thoughtful disabling or enabling of Apple video effects and Zoom gesture recognition settings.

For more about managing these gesture recognition features:



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