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How My Extension Everywhere Interacts with Your Phone

Understanding how My Extension Everywhere Interacts with Your Phone

This article applies to: My Extension Everywhere

Note: Although references are made to cellular, this service will work with any 10-digit telephone number.

My Extension Everywhere

My Extension Everywhere, formerly named Extension to Cellular (EC500), is available to faculty and staff who wish to redirect their Cornell number to an alternate, user-defined 10-digit telephone number. My Extension Everywhere works for all campus provided telephone numbers and is based on a one-to-one relationship between a campus phone number and an alternate phone number. It is not possible to associate more than one campus phone number and one alternate phone number.

For My Extension Everywhere used as a feature with your campus phone number

When a call is placed to your campus phone number, the call rings almost simultaneously on your alternate phone. You can answer a call on your alternate phone and then continue the call from your desk phone, without having to transfer the caller or make a return phone call. The service can easily be turned on and off, so you can control when calls made to your campus phone number will ring on your alternate phone. Digital or IP phone users have the option to request that one of the buttons on their phone be programed as an on/off switch for My Extension Everywhere.

For My Extension Everywhere used without a phone installed (Virtual Number)

A physical telephone set is not required to take advantage of My Extension Everywhere functionality. Incoming calls to your virtual campus phone number ring almost simultaneously on your alternate phone (cellular or other). This service allows mobile workers to be reached wherever they are located and is easily enabled and disabled. Users need to be aware that outbound calls made from your alternate phone do not include the features of your campus phone.

Calls placed from an alternate service provider (cellular, landline, other) route 911 calls to a pre-determined regional 911 center. The service providers determine the appropriate 911 center to route your call based on your location.

Changes to Your Campus Phone

As long as you are keeping the same telephone number, changing your campus phone hardware will not affect your My Extension Everywhere service. If you are upgrading to a digital set, you may want to request that one of the buttons be programed as an on/off switch for My Extension Everywhere.

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