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Frequently Asked Questions About My Extension Everywhere

Answers to common questions about My Extension Everywhere

This article applies to: My Extension Everywhere

Is it necessary to have a phone installed at my desk to use My Extension Everywhere? I’m rarely at my desk and use a cell phone all day.

It’s not necessary to have a phone installed at your desk. You only need a Cornell virtual number. Calls to your virtual number will ring on your cell phone. Also, you may enable and disable My Extension Everywhere at any time. For more information, see the instructions in the Request, Change or Cancel Service section.

Can I use any cell phone? Are there specific providers or partners?

Any cell phone with a valid ten-digit dialing number (area code + exchange + extension) can be used. There is no need to obtain your cell service through any particular vendor or cellular service provider.

What is my My Extension Everywhere security code?

You will be told your initial security code when your service is first set up. We recommend that you change it after your initial use. See the Change Your Security Code page for more information.

Can you program My Extension Everywhere to turn on and off automatically at certain times of day and on certain days of the week?

No, scheduling is not available for My Extension Everywhere.

Does My Extension Everywhere work with BlueTooth wireless phones and Voice Over IP phones?

Yes, but you should review the specifics of your situation with your department's Telecommunications Coordinator.

I'm changing the type of campus phone I use on campus. Do I have to do anything?

As long as you are keeping the same telephone number, changing your campus phone hardware will not affect your My Extension Everywhere service. If you are upgrading to a digital set, you may want to request that one of the buttons be programmed as an on/off switch for My Extension Everywhere.

I'm moving to a different office. Do I have to do anything with my My Extension Everywhere service?

If you are keeping the same campus phone number, you do not have to do anything. Your My Extension Everywhere service will continue.

If your campus phone number is changing, please contact your Telecommunications Coordinator. The IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, Data must set up your new campus phone number with My Extension Everywhere service.

I have a new cell phone number. What should I do?

If the new cell phone number is the same ten digit number (including the area code), you don't have to do anything. Your My Extension Everywhere service will continue.

If the cell phone number has changed, have your department's Telecommunications Coordinator submit a request to the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, Data for reprogramming of this service.

What happens if I activate Send All Calls or Call Forwarding while using My Extension Everywhere?

My Extension Everywhere does not function when Send All Calls or Call Forwarding is on. Your calls will not be bridged to your cell phone.

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