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Connect to WebDAV With Your Media3 Hosted Site

Instructions to connect your Media3 hosted site to WebDAV and common troubleshooting tips.

This article applies to: Media3 Managed Web Hosting

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WebDAV Connection Credentials

To connect to WebDav, you must use a client, such as Dreamweaver, BitKinex, Transmit, MacOS, Windows, or WinSCP. Entering the WebDAV connection URL into a web browser will not work.

You will need the following information to connect to WebDAV services at Media3:

WebDAV connection URL:


The Media3 username for the site you want to connect to WebDAV.


The Media3 password for this account.

Media3 Static Users

  1. Open your Welcome email.
  2. Follow the invitation link to set your password. (First time setup only.) cPanel welcome email shows the username and password invitation link  
  3. Open the client you want to use to connect to WebDav and manage your site content.
  4. In your client, enter your WebDAV connection URL, enter your site's Media3 address, for example,
Use the port :2078 at the end of your WebDAV connection URL. Do not use the port number in your welcome email.
  1. Under Username, enter your, for example,
  2. Under Password, enter the password you set.
  3. Follow the prompts in your client to connect to WebDav.

Media3 Dynamic Users

  1. Connect to the Media3 Dashboard. Enter your NetID and password to login.
  2. Under My Services > Server View (Media3's default view), find the site you want to connect to WebDAV.
  3. Select WebDisk/WebDAV Users. Media3 Dashboard with My Services menu and WebDisk/WebDAV users selected.  
By default a main user account was created for your site.  The username will be the unique part of your website's URL address.  For example, on, the username will be toybox.
  1. Once you have found your main user account name, open your WebDAV client.  Enter the required fields for your site as described below.
  2. Under WebDAV connection URL, enter your site's Media3 address, for example,
  3. Under Username, enter your, for example,
  4. Under Password, enter the password for your main user account. If you do not know your main account password, open a ticket with Media3.

Learn more about using Web Disk (WebDAV) with Media3.

Troubleshooting Tips

Your IP address is not authorized to access this server

You are not using the correct username

You are trying to use Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer), or Windows' map-drive functionality

Some Windows 10 users may be able to enter \\ into File Explorer to connect to WebDav.  Older versions of Windows use a redirector client, normally invisible to a desktop user, to handle WebDAV connections.  They do not understand the correct DAV URL syntax. Try the following:

  • \\@SSL@2078\DavWWWRoot
  • Please note, this is not relevant if you are using fully functional WebDAV software on a Windows machine.

You are not using the correct sitename for your WebDAV connection URL

  • You may be using the machine name, instead of a site name tied to a hosting instance.  For example, trying to connect to will not work.  Make sure you are attempting to WebDAV to a URL for a provisioned site/instance, like

Your WebDAV software needs to be updated


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