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Bug and issue tracking, project management software

Jira is a software project management service offered mainly to CIT and a subset of Cornell staff. Jira provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions. 

Jira is undergoing a transition and being moved to an Atlassian-certified vendor-managed hosting environment. During this transition we are monitoring and limiting new changes to Jira, like new or changing schemes involving workflow, screens, and fields.

Before the move, a clean up, which is currently underway, must be completed to prepare the current Jira system configurations and data. Additionally, project requests will be reviewed by the Jira support team to ensure appropriate set up and project permissions.

Request a project

To request a project send an email to and include the following:

  • Subject: Request for JIRA project. 
  • A project name (free formatted text). 
  • A project key, which is an abbreviation or acronym for the project; it must be all uppercase letters and can be up to ten letters long. It cannot contain any numbers.  This cannot be changed once the project is created. 
  • Category (please include the organizational name and purpose of project).
  • Project Type (Simple Issue Tracking, Project Management, Agile Kanban, Software Development, Agile SCRUM, Jira Classic)
  • Project Lead name and NetID (usually the primary support person for the project/application). This must be a faculty or staff member. 

Unless specified differently in your email, the workflow for the JIRA project will be the default. The Jira Support Team will review the request and follow up if necessary. We may also suggest a modified permission scheme or set up for new projects. We will work with the Project Administrator / Lead and IT Service Desk as part of the project creation. 

To access a project in Jira

Once the user has a Jira account, only the Project Lead or Admin can grant permissions for that account to access the project. Please contact your Project Administrator for access. 

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