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Configure EGA Email for a Jira Project

This article applies to: JIRA

Jira is configured globally to allow projects to send automated email notifications when issues are created or updated. These notification emails will come from and are sent using Cornell's Office 365 serivce. (No setup is needed within your project to enable this.)

To enable incoming email, or to send email from a different email address, create an Exchange Group Account (EGA) for that purpose. 

  1. Follow the instructions at Request a New Resource Account to create a new resource account.
  2. In the section for EGA members, add 'ga.jira' then press Enter.
  3. When the screen refreshes and shows that the account has been added, check the SendAs privilege and wait for the refresh. Both SendAs and Access will be selected — this what you want.
  4. Send email to to request the email setup for your project. Specify the name of your EGA and either or both of the following:
    • That you want incoming mail to the EGA to create issues in your project, and the type of issue (Issue, Task, etc.). 
    • That you want outgoing email to come from that EGA address.

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