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Hoteling Space

Reserving/Setting Up Hoteling Space for Hybrid Work
The Hoteling site on IT@Cornell is in early draft mode. You'll see articles and links when the application is available.

Many units and departments provide "hoteling space" for workers who usually work remotely, but need to be on campus sometimes. (There's a lovely Wikipedia article about hoteling, if you'd like to know more.)

This set of articles covers

  • how people responsible for providing hoteling space set up and maintain listings for their spaces
  • how workers can find and reserve spaces and how to change or cancel reservations. 

Cornell uses Microsoft Bookings to let you specify the type of space you need (shared space, cubicle, office, etc.) along with the date, time, and duration needed, so you can reserve a space that meets your needs.

One thing to know about Bookings is that it originated as a way to schedule time with a person, so some of the terminology is not very intuitive, but the process itself is straightforward.

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