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EZ-Backup Problem: ANS1252W Error

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

User Experience

When using the TSM GUI client, encounter the following error message:

ANS1252W The server you are connected to does not support this function.

Clicking OK results in a second message:

Do you wish to continue for purposes of local backupset restore?

Clicking OK here will result in either the TSM Login dialog box or the TSM GUI client.

How to Solve this Problem

The error message is misleading. To date, it has appeared in four different circumstances:

  1. When the user presses "Cancel" instead of "Login" in the GUI "TSM Login" prompt.
  2. When the TSM GUI client encounters TCP/IP errors while trying to connect to the server.
  3. When the user enters an invalid password in the GUI "TSM Login" prompt.
  4. When the user entered an invalid node name during the configuration process.

In the first case, the user may actually re-enter the password and click "Login" instead of "Cancel" - only to see the TSM GUI client shutdown. At that point, restart the GUI client and attempt to login again.

In the other three cases, the actual error appears in the dsmerror.log file. The exact resolution depends on the error found there.


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