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EZ-Backup Default File Locations (Mac)

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

By default, the files are in the following four locations.

We've listed the GUI navigation from hard drive given first, followed by UNIX filename.

Do NOT use "TSM" in the Finder search window to find these files. We on the EZ-Backup team have seen such searches fail to return any hits, and yet, been able to navigate to the appropriate folder via the path below and find the files. We suspect the failure of the Finder search is related to file permissions, but have no means of debugging said search.

Unix filesystem names with spaces should be used with quotes, for example
$ cd "/Applications/Tivoli Storage Manager"
$ cd /Applications/Tivoli Storage Manager

TSM Application

  • GUI: Applications -> Tivoli Storage Manager
  • UNIX: /Applications/Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Files:
    • README_enu.htm
    • Tivoli Storage Manager
    • TSM Tools for Administrators


  • GUI: Library -> Logs -> tivoli -> tsm
  • UNIX: /Library/Logs/tivoli/tsm
  • Files:
    • dsmerror.log
    • dsmj.log
    • dsmsched.log
    • dsmwebcl.log


  • GUI: Library -> Preferences -> Tivoli Storage Manager
  • UNIX: /Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Files:
    • dsm.opt
    • dsm.sys
    • TSM.PWD

Client Accepter Daemon

  • GUI: Library -> StartupItems -> dsmcad
  • UNIX: /Library/StartupItems/dsmcad
  • Files:
    • dsmcad
    • /Resources/
      • English.lproj
        • Localizable.strings
    • StartupParameters.plist

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