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Add Two-Step Login to a Departmental VPN

Set up Two-Step Login for your departmental VPN

This article applies to: CU VPN

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Two-Step Login, Cornell's two-factor authentication service, is required for all departmental VPNs to provide an additional layer of security.

  • Two-Step Login should be added when the departmental VPN is set up.
  • With Two-Step Login required, all users must use Two-Step Login to log in to the departmental VPN.
  • Two-Step Login will be required to log in to the main VPN ( as of July 15, 2021.


Before requiring Two-Step Login for a departmental VPN:

  • Ensure that all department users have initialized their Two-Step Login account and registered their Two-Step Login devices.
  • Ensure that all users who will access the departmental VPN have either a faculty or staff NetID, Sponsored NetID, or for student employees, a student Two-Step Login account. The departmental VPN administrator should review group memberships in Active Directory before requiring Two-Step Login on a departmental VPN.

Request Two-Step Login for an Existing Departmental VPN

To add Two-Step Login to an existing departmental VPN, send an email to

Include the following information in your request:

  • Your name and department
  • The name of the Active Directory group associated with your departmental VPN
  • The date Two-Step Login should be activated for your departmental VPN

See how to request a new departmental VPN.

Test Before Requiring Two-Step Login

You can connect to any departmental VPN using Two-Step Login at any time, even if it is not required yet. This is useful for administrators who want to test or configure user clients before Two-Step Login is required.

Connect to a Departmental VPN with Two-Step Login

After Two-Step Login is required for a departmental VPN, you'll select the Two-Step_Login VPN Group when connecting to the departmental VPN. See the instructions for connecting on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and mobile devices.

Caution: Selecting the CornellVPN Group will connect to the main VPN and you may not have access to resources that are only available through the departmental VPN.


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