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Types of CU Print Accounts

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You can have one or more CU Print accounts. There are three types of accounts:

  • Student Print Allocation - the annual allocation for each registered student
  • Bursar - available to registered students
  • Department - for use by staff and faculty in a particular department or unit

For students, printing will be charged to the Student Print Allocation account first. If that account balance is zero, printing will be charged to the Bursar account. You do not need to specify which account to charge when you print.

Student Print Allocation Account

All registered Cornell students will receive a print allocation of $15 (enough for more than 200 pages) at the beginning of each Fall semester. Individual colleges may choose to add to their students' allocations.

Bursar Account

Bursar accounts are available to registered students. Printing fees are billed to the student's Bursar account once the student has exceeded their print allocation.

Summer Session and Continuing Education students have access to Bursar accounts. Summer College students (high school pre-college programs) do not have Bursar access.

Department Accounts

Department accounts are for use by staff and faculty in a particular department or unit. Printing fees are billed to the department or unit.

Cash/Credit Card Accounts are not currently available, but will be added when the transition from Net-Print to CU Print is complete.


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