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Set Permissions for a Confluence Space

How to set permissions for a Confluence space

This article applies to: Confluence

Permissions are granted at the space level and can be applied to groups, individuals, and anonymous users. These permissions apply to every page in the space, but can be overridden by using page restrictions.

The View Space Permissions page is broken into three sections, one each for Groups, Individual Users, and Anonymous Access.  This page shows the permissions that are currently in use for your space.

The types of permissions are the same for all three sections:

  • View: user can view this space's content, including the space's details, and its pages and news items (blog posts)
  • Pages:
    • Create – user may create and edit pages in this space.
    • Export – user may export pages in this space.
    • Restrict – user may apply page-level restrictions.
    • Remove – user may remove pages in this space.
  • Blog:
    • Create – user may add and edit blog posts in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove blog posts in this space.
  • Comments:
    • Create – user may make comments in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove comments from this space.
  • Attachments:
    • Create – user may add attachments in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove attachments from this space.
  • Mail:
    • Remove – user may delete individual mail items.
  • Space:
    • Export – user may export content from this space.
    • Admin – user has administrative permissions over this space.

For full documentation on setting space permissions, visit

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