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Set Up Your Bomgar Team

This article applies to: Bomgar

Bomgar accounts are associated with teams, which are associated with academic or administrative units. Individuals are given access to Bomgar through CornellAD groups managed by local IT support once the team has been configured. In general there is only one team for each academic or administrative unit. End users do not need access.

To request a team for your unit:

  1. Create four CornellAD groups within your local OU structure adhering to the following naming convention, where <prefix> is your unit's AD prefix:





For example, if the Department of Limnology's OU prefix is LIM, their CornellAD groups would be LIM-bomgar, LIM-bomgar-no-jump, etc. Be careful with your placement of hyphens, and do not use the brackets shown around "prefix."

Instructions can be found in our Create CornellAD Groups article.

  1. Make the second, third, and fourth groups members of the <prefix>-bomgar group. In other words, <prefix>-bomgar is the parent group for the other three groups. Instructions for adding members (including other groups) to CornellAD groups can be found on our Add Members to CornellAD Groups article.
  2. Populate the groups as desired with the members of your local IT support group (See our Groups Associated with Bomgar Access article for an explanation of what level of access each group allows). For the default level of service, put all technicians into <prefix>-bomgar. Instructions for adding members to CornellAD groups can be found on our Add Members to CornellAD Groups article.

Do not put people in the <prefix>-bomgar-jump-unattended group without understanding the ramifications and verifying with IT leadership. Our Overview of Remote Assistance for IT Leadership article explains more about this level of access.

  1. Select a Bomgar team name. We recommend that you use your IT group’s common name or abbreviation, for example “CALS Support.” The team name is used to identify your team to end users and other teams in Bomgar.
  2. Contact the IT Service Desk to request creation of a Bomgar team. Provide them with the following information:
    1. The AD group names created for Bomgar in step 1 above.
    2. Your chosen team name.
    3. The name and NetID of an IT contact or Exchange Group Account (EGA) within the unit who has the ability to manage the AD group names and who has signed up to be on the bomgar-L e-list. (See Join an E-list for more information.)

The team will be created within two business days after the required information has been submitted and found to be in order. The IT contact (from step 5B above) will receive an email that the team has been configured and is ready to use.

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