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Set Up Google Drive File Stream for Apps on Demand

You will store your files in your Google Drive or OneDrive. This article describes how to grant Cornell Apps on Demand (Amazon's AppStream) rights to access your Google Drive. (We also have instructions for granting rights to OneDrive.)

This article applies to: Apps on Demand

You will need to do this procedure each time you sign in to Apps on Demand.

  1. From the Apps on Demand app screen (if you have just logged in) or the Application Launcher (the left-most icon in the toolbar), click Google Drive File Stream.
  2. Sign in with your address and the password you use with your NetID.
    If you have Google's 2-Step Verification turned on, you will also be asked to authenticate there.
  3. On the Welcome to Google Drive File Stream screen, use the right-facing arrow to click through to the fourth image, then click Open Google Drive folder. My Drive will open with your Google Drive showing as drive G. This is the same Google Drive you have available at and, if you have the Google Drive app installed, on your computer or device.

When using Apps on Demand open files and save files here (or in folders you create here). There is no need to copy them to temporary storage and then copy them back when done.

If you are working with large files or applications that read and write a lot of data, before opening the application, right-click on the associated file(s) and select Drive File Stream, then Available offline. This will improve the speed of loading, using, and saving files.

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