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Navigation Bar Icons (for Apps on Demand)

Understanding the Amazon AppStream Navigation Bar icons.

This article applies to: Apps on Demand

While using Apps on Demand, you'll see the Amazon AppStream Navigation Bar between your browser header and your applications.

From left to right, the navigation bar icons are Launch app, Switch windows, My Files, Clipboard, Settings, and Enter fullscreen mode

Launch app - You can have multiple applications running at the same time. Select an application from the list displayed here. Your current application(s) will remain open.

Switch windows - If you have more than one application running, click this icon to display each of their windows. Click a window to bring that application to the front.

My Files - Access your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Temporary Files. Be sure to store your work on your Google Drive or OneDrive. (Work stored in Temporary Files will disappear when you end your session.)

Clipboard - Only when not using Chrome. With other browsers, this is how you copy from an application in AppStream to your local clipboard for pasting into a local application, or from local to remote. Chrome does this automatically. 

Settings - Enable microphone / Streaming mode / Screen resolution / Regional settings. Most people never alter these settings.

Enter fullscreen mode - ESC to exit.

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