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Set Up Apple Calendar for Your Exchange Account

If you are using Apple Mail to access your Office 365 account, you'll probably find that Apple Calendar knows where to find your calendar information. This article describes how to add your calendar to Apple Calendar manually.

This article applies to: Apple Calendar

Two-Step Login for Office 365, please note that it doesn't work with Apple's Mail and Calendar on macOS; it only works with those apps on iOS.
  1. Open Calendar, found on your dock or in your Applications folder.
  2. From the Calendar menu, select Accounts.
  3. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Exchange. A small dialog box will open.
  4. For Name, enter the name you want to appear in calendar entries.
  5. For Email Address, enter substituting your own NetID.
  6. For Password, enter the password you use with your NetID.
  7. Click Sign In. Wait while Calendar looks up your account. It may take a minute or two.
  8. When Calendar finds your Exchange account, it will ask which Apple apps you want to use with the account. Mail, Calendar, and Contacts work best when they work together.
  9. Click Done.
  10. Close the Internet Accounts dialog box.
  11. From Calendar's View menu, select Refresh Calendars. Wait while Calendar retrieves your information. It may take a minute or two.


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