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Request an Email Alias

This article applies to: Cornell Optional Email Alias

Before signing up for an alias, review the information on standard formats and special format requests.

When you're ready to select your alias,

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Email tab.
  3. Under Advanced Options, look for the section labeled Optional Email Alias.
  4. Click Select your email alias.
  5. Select the format you want to use. If you select Special Request, make sure your request meets the special format request guidelines and remember to fill in the Justification field.
  6. Click Submit.

Then What Happens?

In the rare case that the format you select has become unavailable (while you were thinking about which choice to select), you'll get an email message explaining this and directing you to go back to the selection screen and select again. In no case will you be assigned an alias other than the exact one you select.

You will receive an email message when your alias is ready to use. Please do not try to use your alias until you receive this message.

If you want people to see your alias address when you send them email (and have that address used automatically when they reply to you), follow the steps in our Use Your Alias with your Email Client article. You won't be able to complete these steps until your alias has been confirmed.

Once you receive confirmation, you are ready to use your new alias as part of an email address. The format is replacing alias with the alias selection you made. For example, Remember, your address still works!

The ONLY place your alias will work is as part of an email address.

For all situations where you've used just your NetID in the past, you still need to use your NetID.


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