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Yammer is a social network that is part of Cornell's Office 365 services. It helps you to:

Work in groups more easily and efficiently.
Have discussions without long email chains or setting up a meeting.

Share knowledge.
Show what you're working on, find out what others are working on, and discover who else is investigating the same subject you are.

Find interesting conversations and join in.
Yammer is designed to help foster spontaneous conversations and discoveries. You can also bring in other people you think might be interested by mentioning them.

Stay organized.
Your Inbox is a single place to follow the mentions, group announcements, conversations and private messages that you’re a part of. Track the messages that need immediate responses in Priority Messages, and save others to read later in Unread Messages.

Search and discover.
Yammer helps you find the right people, documents and conversations you need to get your best work done. You can stay informed of Cornell activity, find related conversations and groups, and search content, people, and files.

What you can use Yammer for

Social networking seems to adapt to different forms at different organizations, depending on each organization's culture. Some of the successful uses include:

  • Reducing email.
  • Sharing conversations with just the right groups of people.
  • Discovering people across the organization who are working on the same thing you are.
  • Launching stimulating discussions or thought explorations.
  • Discussing and refining projects, initiatives, and plans.

How Yammer is and isn't like Facebook

Much of the way that Yammer and other social networks for business operate is similar to Facebook, because it's been demonstrated that it's a convenient way for people to interact online. Yammer has been tuned to better fit with supporting groups of people working together within an organization.

Include people outside Cornell in discussions

When you create a group, you have a choice to create a normal group, which can only include people at Cornell, or an external group that allows people outside to join. After starting the process of creating a group, click on the box that says "External Group" and choose the options that best fit how you would like the network to function. 

Get Started

Log In

To sign in to the Cornell network in Yammer, sign in to Cornell Office 365.
Click the App Launcher icon in the upper left (it is made up of nine squares), select All apps, then Yammer. You may be asked to complete a profile or enter the email address of people to invite. These are both optional.

Navigating groups

Discussion in Yammer is frequently group-centered. Once you have signed into Yammer for the first time, you can see a list of groups you can view or join in the Cornell network.

If you join a group, from then on it will be displayed in list on the left side of the window when you are using Yammer. When there is new activity in a group, an indicator will let you know. 

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