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Configure the Apple iOS Mail and Calendar App for Use with Two-Step Login

How to update your account profile so you can use Two-Step Login for Office 365 with Apple's iOS Mail and Calendar apps on your phone or tablet.

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

Before you can start using Two-Step Login with Apple's iOS Mail and Calendar apps, you need to update your account. You can do this in advance of the switch to using Two-Step Login for Office 365.

Update Settings to Use Apple iOS Apps with Two-Step Login

Part 1: Delete your Profile or Old Exchange Account

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Select your Cornell University Exchange Profile.
  5. Select Remove Profile.
  6. Enter your passcode to confirm.
  7. Select Remove.
If you are prompted to Delete your contacts, select No.

If you do not have a Profile, remove your old Exchange account instead:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Accounts and Passwords.
  3. Delete your Cornell University Exchange Account.
If you are prompted to Delete your contacts, select No.

Part 2: Add a Exchange Account

You may receive a warning that "Adding an Exchange account will allow the Exchange administrator to remotely manage your device. The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, list, install, and manage apps, and remotely erase data on your device." Learn more about what this meansRecommended: If you are concerned, use the Microsoft Outlook App for iOS instead. 
  1. Under Settings, select Accounts and Passwords.
    Picture of iOS Settings with Accounts and Passwords selected
  2. Select Add Account.
    Picture of iOS with Add Account selected
  3. Select Exchange.
    Picture of IOS settings with Exchange selected
  4. Enter your
  5. Enter a description if desired.
  6. Select Next.
    Picture of Exchange settings with a entered
  7. Under Sign in to your "" Exchange account using Microsoft, select Sign In.
    Picture of Exchange settings with Sign In selected
  8. Enter your NetID and password, and select Sign In.

    Picture of NetID and password entered and Sign In selected
  9. If you have already opted in to Two-Step Login for Office 365, it will prompt you to confirm using a push, phone call, or passcode.
    Picture of Two-Step Login authentication prompt.
  10. Select Accept, to allow iOS Accounts to Access your Mailboxes, Sign You In, and read your profile.

Known Issue: iOS Password Loop

The iOS 11 behavior is detailed below and is only applicable for those who had previously configured iOS 11 with Cornell mail. To solve this problem, Update Your Account.
  1. The iOS 11 mail app gets caught in a password prompt loop.
  2. Entering the password results in a login error and again prompts for credentials.
    Picture of iOS prompt for credentials with password loop

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