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Students: Preparing for Storage Changes

This article applies to: Strategic Storage Initiative

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While You are a Student

Storage in Google Drive

A cap was applied to your Google Drive in June 2022.

if you had less than 15 Gigabytes (GB) stored in Google Drive, your cap is 15 GB. There is a good possibility this is the case. Nearly eight in ten students have only a few GB of Drive storage, and nearly nine in ten use less than 15 GB.

If you have more than 15 GB stored in Google Drive, your cap was set above that.

Action Steps: Storage while you're a student
  • Monitor how much you have stored in your Cornell Google account. (If you have another Google account, such as a personal account, make sure you're looking at the Drive Storage page for your Cornell account by clicking your profile icon in the upper right. Your Cornell Google account is the one using your email address.)
  • If you have more than 15 GB stored, reducing will help Cornell keep its overall storage within sustainable levels, but you are not required to do so if your Cornell work requires it. See Google-suggested options to reduce storage size.

Email Accounts in Gmail and Office 365

You can use Cornell Google services, including Gmail, as long as you are a student. If you want to have the same email account carry over to your alumni years, you can start using Cornell Office 365 email. See Microsoft Office 365 Email for Students to explore reasons to choose Outlook or Gmail.

Action Steps: Email while you're a student

As You Approach Graduation

Students who graduate on or after December 2022 will see their access to Cornell Google services end the November after they graduate. This means you will need to move any email or files you want to keep out of Cornell Google after your studies conclude.

Action Steps: If you're approaching a graduation in December 2022, May 2023, or later

After You Graduate

If you graduate on or after December 2022 you will see all Cornell Google services end the November after your graduation. All Gmail, files stored in Google Drive, and other content in your Cornell Google account that you want to keep must be copied out on the following schedule.

December 2022, May 2023, and August 2023 graduates Cornell Google services end November 2023

December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024 graduates Cornell Google services end November 2024

December 2024, May 2025, and August 2025 graduates Cornell Google services end November 2025

December 2025, May 2026, and August 2026 graduates Cornell Google services end November 2026

Action Steps: After graduation


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