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Corporate and Foundation Relations CRM Initiative

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The Cornell Corporate and Foundation Relations Initiative, or CFR-CRM, is a collaborative, cross-campus project to create a system of shared data and a common set of tools to enable Cornell staff and faculty to manage relationships with external business entities as they pursue gifts, grants, and sponsored research. Tools will be developed to give colleges and departments a better understanding of Cornell’s business relationships and to support strategic planning.

You can stay updated on the project by joining the Salesforce Success Hub news group, News! Corporate Relations Initiative.

The project is a partnership between the Office of the Provost, the colleges and schools, the Division of Research, and Alumni Affairs and Development, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Information Technologies and CIO. These are the members of the CFR-CRM steering committee and working group:

CFR-CRM Steering Committee Updated October 2019

  • Lance Collins (Chair), Dean, College of Engineering
  • Erin Mulrooney, Associate Dean for Administration, College of Engineering
  • Emmanuel Giannelis, Vice Provost for Research
  • Kathryn Boor, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Kevin Hallock, Dean, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Linda Barrington, Associate Dean of External Relations, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Jon Kleinberg, Dean, Computing and Information Science
  • Greg Morrisett, Dean, Cornell Tech
  • David Lodge, Director, Atkinson Center for Sustainability
  • Fred Van Sickle, Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Kristen Ford, Associate Vice President, Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Carla Ingrando, Executive Director, University Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Rebecca Joffrey, Project Director, Cornell IT

CFR-CRM Working Group Updated October 2019

  • Carla Ingrando (Chair), University Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Rebecca Joffrey (Project Director), Cornell IT
  • Laura Batten, Computing and Information Science
  • James Hale, College of Engineering
  • Melissa Carlisle, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Patrick Govang, Center for Technology Licensing
  • Marius Weigert, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Jodi Korich, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Allison Graf, Cornell Tech
  • Leandra Elberger, Cornell Tech
  • Vicky Mikula, Cornell IT
  • Shannon Osburn, Cornell IT

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