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Cornell Student Experience Initiative

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The Cornell Student Experience Initiative, or CSEI, is a collaborative, cross-campus project that creates digital applications to make it easier for students to access Cornell resources. These applications will also help staff more effectively support, advise, and mentor students. 

The project is a partnership that includes the Office of the Provost, the colleges and schools, the Division of Student and Campus Life, and the Office of Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Our vision has three main components:

  • Service tools to help advisors and staff more effectively support, advise, and mentor students.
  • Discovery tools that will make it easier for students to find and participate in Cornell programs both on and off campus (scholarships, international experiences, research, engaged learning).
  • Analytical tools to help university leaders better understand the student experience, so they know what is working and areas for improvement.

These are the members of the CSEI steering committee and working group.

CSEI Steering Committee
updated July 2019

  • Kevin Hallock (CHAIR), Dean, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Avery August (EX OFFICIO), Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Kathryn Boor, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Eduardo Peñalver, Dean, Cornell Law School
  • Barb Knuth, Dean, Graduate School
  • Rachel Bean, Sr Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ryan Lombardi, Vice President for Student and Campus Life
  • Jason Kahabka, Associate Dean for Administration, Graduate School and Chair of the Experience Working Group
  • Lisa Nishii, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Chair of the Analytics Working Group
  • Rebecca Joffrey, IT Innovation Officer
  • Janaki Parthasarathy, CSEI Product Manager

CSEI Working Group
updated July 2019

  • Jason Kahabka (CHAIR), Graduate School
  • Janaki Parthasarathy (EX OFFICIO), Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs
  • Ann LaFave, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Jenn Michael, College of Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Bonnie Comella, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Miranda Swanson, College of Engineering
  • Darryl Scott, College of Human Ecology
  • Katherine Edmondson, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Tammy Gardner, Computing and Information Science
  • Rebecca Sparrow, Cornell Career Services
  • Markeisha Miner, Cornell Law School
  • Amanda Shaw, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Michele Hoos, Cornell Tech
  • Marin Clarkberg, Instutional Research & Planning
  • Gretchen Mosereiff, Instutional Research & Planning
  • Basil Safi, Office of Engaged Initiatives
  • Brandon Lanners, Office of Global Learning
  • Kellie Page, Office of Student and Campus Life
  • Kara Lombardi, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Amy Godert, Undergrad Education
  • Rebecca Joffrey, Cornell IT
  • Vicky Mikula, Cornell IT

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